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tom morris

director of stuff




Pagoda | Frozen From Scratch

Panera Bread | The New "BroChed" Soup

AT&T | No Text is Worth a Life

Nike | Not Born to Follow

Lindsey Stirling | Roundtable Rival



Oliver, Stoned. | Feature Film Trailer

General Education | Feature Film Trailer

Ships Wrecked Cove! | Short Film Trailer

Millennial Planet Earth | Journey Out of Bed




Oh hello, I’m Tom! A filmmaker in Los Angeles that makes fun and/or funny things. I grew up in Ohio telling stories before heading west for warmer weather. To date, I’ve directed two feature films, various commercials, and some sketchy music videos. Somehow, one of them managed to get over sixty million views on the youtubes. I have also won some awards for my feature work and both movies ended up having theatrical runs in the USA, before receiving distribution around the world (that has to mean something)! Aside from directing I love spending time with people, drinking cold water, and dancing on and around parking structures. Let’s hang out or eat pizza!


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