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Dubble Bubble | Hot Tub Fun

Pagoda | Frozen From Scratch

Panera Tweet Theatre | Bubble Bath

Club Wyndham | Richard Petty

AT&T | No Text is Worth a Life

Dubble Bubble | How To Blow a Bubble

Panera Bread | The New "BroChed" Soup

Lindsey Stirling | Roundtable Rival | Music Video



Oliver, Stoned. | Feature Film Trailer

General Education | Feature Film Trailer

Ships Wrecked Cove! | Short Film Trailer

Empty Spaces | Hulu Mini Series | Virgin Sacrifice

Millennial Planet Earth | Journey Out of Bed



Oh hello, I’m Tom! A filmmaker in Los Angeles that makes fun and/or funny things. I grew up in Ohio telling stories before heading west to see what LA traffic is really all about. Aside from directing, I love spending time with people, drinking cold water, and dancing around parking structures. Let’s hang out and eat pizza!


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